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Aleco® Universal Mounting System for Strip Doors

Galvanized Universal Mounting Aleco's universal mounting system is available in your choice of aluminum or galvanized steel. All mounting holes are pre-studded.

This innovative system, consisting of a specially designed angle and face plates, allows the Clear-Flex® II Strip Door to be mounted in either the lintel (inside frame, underheader) or side wall (header) position (note diagrams this page).

Each strip is secured between the vertical side of the angle and one foot face plate sections. Worn or damaged strips may be easily replaced by simply removing the necessary number of face plate sections, replacing the appropriate strips and reattaching the face plates.

Illustration of a Horizotal Slide Kit Horizontal Slide Kit

Clear-Flex® II Strip Doors may be attached to a galvanized steel trolley system enabling the user to slide the strip door away from the doorway, thus allowing unobstructed traffic.

Allow sufficient wall space for curtain storage on either side of the door as needed.

Side wall mounted only.

Universal Mounting Hardware

Offset Bracket Kit

Offset Bracket Kit Enables Clear-Flex® II Strip Doors to be mounted on inside of buildings in conjunction with conventional overhead (roll-up) doors. Bracket projects 8" and is designed to be welded or bolted into place. Brackets must be positioned so as to not interfere with normal door operations.

Horizontal cross member required, but supplied by others.

Safety orange replacement strips (8" × .080 × 14" long) may be attached to bracket projection for 3-sided enclosure.

Field trim to desired length.

Walkin System Mounting Hardware


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