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Product Solution Visualizer
Barrier Solutions: Industrial Partitions Rigid Impact Doors Floor Protection: Chair Mats Matting: Anti-Fatigue Mats and Runners Floor Protection: Vinyl Runner Vinyl Strip Doors: Anti-Static Mesh Strip Doors: AirFlex® Strip Door Mounting Hardware: MaxBullet® Vinyl Strip Doors: Clear-Flex II® Floor Protection: EverLife® Custom Floor Protection: Sit or Stand Mat® Vinyl Strip Doors: Low-Temp Flexible Impact Doors

Barrier Solutions: Industrial Partitions

ALECO industrial partition


ALECO is your source for work safety solutions. Add a permanent or temporary partition to reduce workplace risks while providing a cleaner and safer work environment. Ask about custom sizing to fit your specific needs.

Rigid Impact Doors



Impact traffic doors are a cost-effective solution for fast and efficient two-way movement through an opening where noise, visual elements, and environmental barriers need to be contained. Aleco traffic doors are customer crafted to exacting specifications from a portfolio of transparent, flexible, and rigid door designs.

Floor Protection: Chair Mats



Aleco chair mats provide the best quality, best performing ergonomic solution for your work area. Our workspace chair mats also provide a smooth rolling surface.

Matting: Anti-Fatigue Mats and Runners


Matting and runner products help to create safe and ergonomically designed workspaces. Best in class innovation combined with proprietary designs ensure the very best in quality, design, and performance. Vinyl runners are essential for repetitive foot traffic while anti-fatigue mats provide comfort and ergonomic benefits to ensure employee well-being.

Floor Protection: Vinyl Runner

Concourse vinyl runner


Aleco Floor Runners provide a valuable defense for carpets or hard floors helping extend the life of your flooring. Ideal for:

  • Hallways
  • Entryways
  • Copy machine stations
  • Anywhere with repetitive foot traffic.

Vinyl Strip Doors: Anti-Static

ALECO Anti Static strip door in server room


Reduce static electricity from objects or persons.

*Light green tint for identification only

APPLICATION: Clean rooms, computer component assembly areas, etc.

Mesh Strip Doors: AirFlex®

ALECO AirFlex BLACK insetting


Mesh Stripping is ideal for restaurants, food prep areas, commercial and manufacturing personnel entrances.

  • Available exclusively through Aleco®
  • Allows fresh air in — keeps insects out
  • Mesh strips made of 12oz. coated polyester for long life and durability
  • May be alternated with clear, smooth strips

Strip Door Mounting Hardware: MaxBullet®



MaxBullet® mounting: Superior quality strips require world class hardware. State-of-the-art MaxBullet technology features a patented bullet shaped locking system for easy snap-on/snap-off strip installation

  • Reduce installation time by 75%
  • Reduce replacement strip time by 90%
  • Pair MaxBullet with Clear-Flex II strips for the ultimate strip door installation


Vinyl Strip Doors: Clear-Flex II®



Strip doors are one of the most cost-effective ways to create a passable barrier from external contaminants while providing comfortable working conditions for employees.

The most common benefits of a strip door installation include:

  • Ability to reduce energy costs
  • Prevent contamination
  • Improve environmental control
  • Promote better workflows with increased employee safety


Floor Protection: EverLife® Custom


When a traditional chair mat does not fit, try ES ROBBINS EverLife® Custom. Available for carpet or hard floors, these high quality custom-made mats are ideal for large workspaces and conference areas.

Floor Protection: Sit or Stand Mat®



The revolutionary Sit or Stand Mat® by ES ROBBINS is the first dual-purpose mat that combines anti-fatigue support with floor protection. The innovative hinge folds for a supportive foam cushion, then unfolds for a full-size chair mat. Sit or Stand Mat®, two mats in one for active workspaces.

  • Easily fold for foam cushion, then unfold for full size chair mat
  • Anti-fatigue support combined with floor protection
  • Essential for sit-to-stand workspaces
  • Available for hard floor or low pile carpet surfaces

Vinyl Strip Doors: Low-Temp


Low-Temp formulations allow Aleco strips to remain flexible in frigid temperatures. With a temperature range that reaches -40°F, Low-Temp formulas are recommended for cooler/freezer applications and USDA inspected facilities (indoor use only).


Flexible Impact Doors

optima flexible impact door


Exclusive, one-piece flexible door design for your lighter traffic needs. Ideal for light to medium pedestrian and pallet jack traffic. Single-ply wear resistant panels, absorb the initial impact of loads while being easy to clean and low maintenance.