Aleco’s Clear Flex II® Strip Doors with MaxBullet® Hardware Save Energy

Muscle Shoals, AL (January  2008)

Aleco, with over 30 years of experience as one of the largest manufacturers in the United States of flexible doors, strips, and partitions, offers its line of energy-efficient Clear Flex II Strip Doors for the food service industry.  These strip doors help restaurants and food service facilities save energy by minimizing the loss of heated or cooled air at unprotected openings. As recommended by the energy star program, (, strip doors are an energy efficient solution where your walk-in cooler or freezer door remains open during loading or unloading. The company claims that with their exclusive MaxBullet® Hardware system, without the use of nuts and bolts, strip replacement time is reduced by 90%. This strip doors system is simple, cost effective and stays securely in place even when subjected to heavy daily use.

Aleco’s Clear Flex II Scratch-Guard® Ribbed Doors are available in standard formulations for temperature ranges of -10°f to 150°f as well as a reinforced formulation which is suitable for freezer applications as low as -40°f. The scratch resistant Scratch-Guard finish reduces the need to replace strips as well as reduces static electricity which allows easier, safer, and more efficient entry.  

For complete specifications and other information on Aleco’s energy saving strip doors or the MaxBullet Hardware system, visit, call 1-800-633-3120 or e-mail