Aleco’s Reusable Pan Rack Covers Save Energy

Muscle Shoals, AL (September  2007)

Aleco®, one of the largest manufacturers in the United States of impact doors, strip doors and air curtains, also offers a line of energy-saving, reusable pan rack covers for the food service industry.  These rack covers are suitable for use in restaurants and bakeries, by caterers and in school cafeterias.  Designed for years of use, Aleco’s environmentally friendly pan rack covers can be washed in the dishwasher and re-used, eliminating the need to dispose of dirty or worn covers after relatively short use.

Available in an economy model for cooler use and standard and heavy-duty models for both cooler and freezer use, these energy saving covers feature lock-stitched, reinforced seams with double stitched stress points to ensure a long life.  Each of these sturdy covers has one continuous heavy-duty zipper for quick opening that allows the front panel to be opened to the side for easy access.  Aleco’s Pan Rack Covers come with a dry erase pen and pen storage pocket to allow the user to write expiration times and destination information on the clear front panel.  The panels can be wiped clean with a moist cloth. These durable rack covers keep food fresh while preventing odor absorption and freezer burn; and food preservation is maintained during storage or transport.